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With a spirited beginning in 1946 ... two brothers, Robert S. and Mark P. Miller pooled their talents and resources to pioneer and open a new business ... "Miller Heavy Hauling and Rigging Company."

Based in Findlay, Ohio, the company provided expertise in the moving of heavy machinery, trucking, and house moving.  The Ohio counties of Hancock, Putnam, Seneca, and Wyandot became their primary service area.  However, many projects required movements to distant locations.

This customer-oriented company remained focused on providing specialty services and continued to grow and prosper through 1964 when Robert S. and Mark P. retired and sold the business to their younger brother Clayton Miller.  Energetic and visonary...Clayton continued to grow and expand the business by adding cranes, forklifts, and the company's first 100 ton trailer.

After Clayton's retirement in 1983, the original founder, Robert S. Miller's son...H. Robert "Bob" Miller, reorganized the company in 1988 and began a new era with a new name... "Bob Miller Rigging, Inc."

With total dedication and commitment to remain a pacesetter and leader in the industry, Bob Miller assembled a team of professionals and has earned a reputation for unique, clean and modern equipment, diverse services, and competitive pricing for all transportation challenges.

In 1991, Bob Miller Rigging Inc. aquired Mac and Bob's Service Garage, adding a fleet of wreckers to their already impressive equipment list of trucks, cranes, forklifts and trailers.

With headquarters remaining in Findlay, Ohio, today's client-base encompasses the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana with PUCO Authority in Ohio, ICC Authority for 48 states and Canadian Authority.

"All of us at Bob Miller Rigging, inc. are ready to dig in, roll up our shirtsleeves, and earn your trust, your respect, and your business.  We want to be your mover-of-choice for machinery moving, crane and forklift services, and turn-key factory movements."  -Bob Miller, President